Gem Medical: Cholesterol

Ever known someone who had a heart or a brain incident of some kind? Because on the body everything is interconnected. I don’t think that’s even Asian medicine, it’s well aware in Western medicine as well!

Ok, so let’s start with the interconnectness of everything in this cholesterol issue.

The Danish footballer had a sudden heart attack on the playing field last summer. I don’t remember his name. Google here I come! (20 seconds later.) It was Christian Eriksen. Now, of course being super-analytical, my mind started racing how this happened.

Sure enough, right as they were resuscitating him, I got to the conclusion of his nutrition had been full of (animal) cholesterol and therefore his veins to the heart (among others?) had been blocked. No matter how much one exercises or is an athlete. A heart fails no matter whos, for sure.

Especially, I am quite small. Tall, yes, but there’s not a lot of pounds on me. So I must be very careful what to eat, and think about the ratio of the foods and exercising. Now, I know I should’ve watched more of what I put into my body.

That’s a wink-wink by the way! It seems quite difficult at first, but surely it grows on you.

In blood and tissue fluid the cholesterol is as lipoproteins, in where the cholesterol molecule (fatty molecule) is surrounded by a water soluble protein.

I believe you’ve heard of this: HDL (the good fats) and LDL (the bad fats).

The liver is the place in where cholesterol goes in first, and any extra cholesterol (LDL) goes into the circulation and any excess blocks veins. And the end. There’s not a magic wand on anyone that makes extra LDL not block.

It can block major arteries to the heart as badly that there’s nothing short of a heart failure happening. And remembering that interconnectness, if the other veins get blocked, then a stroke is waiting to happen next.

I better stop now, before the Gem Medical gets gloom. It didn’t yet!

Watch your mouthfuls.

X Johanna

GEM BOOKSHELF: Becoming supernatural, Dr. Joe Dispenza

In 1986 Dispenza got into a bicycle/car collading accident, where six of his spinal vertebraes took a hit. In a hospital, wasn’t able to move, his doctors suggested a surgery and said that he’ll never walk again. Although that kind of surgery was going to be even worse healing-wise, so he decided not to go through with it.

That’s when he developed his theory of the mind-body connection. The first 6,5 weeks was ‘a rookie face’, where he lost focus in going through each vertebrae for 3 hours a day, and had to start all over again.

After 10 weeks he was walking again, and after 12 weeks back to training.

There’s one more person on my top 10 list, who after such a bad occasion, really was dedicated to focusing on healing, and taking notes for a real change, and going forward to their dreams r i g h t n o w.

And that’s Kimbal Musk.

X Johanna

GEM MEDICAL: Blood pressure

Hey you guys and welcome to a new (although planned couple months ago) segment, which is not close to the writer’s field, but on it! I’ll keep this fairly simple. Or at least try to. If weird words occur, then you can blame it on the writer for translation missteps.

• Chakra affected: the heart

The ‘normal’ vein can be counted: 24 = 16 in liquid (blood) resistance.

atherosclerosis = a disease that occurs when plaque is building up inside the arteries + in them are built pathological changes
~> higher workforce for the heart

Systolic pressure – the highest pressure in arteries during a beat of the heart

Diastolic pressure – their lowest pressure

A higher blood pressure (it varies from 140/90 mmHg – 160/95 mmHg ~> mercury millimeter)

Hypertension = straines the heart + blood vessels. Risk of getting f.e a stroke or an eye hemorrhage. Worsening together with atherosclerosis.

! At-home -blood pressure (RR) -measurement (automatic) is made easy.

Fyi or remembering: in maternity care the blood pressure measurements are more than familiar.

✔Google recommendations for spiritual (yeah s p i r i t u a l.) things to lower RR:

For example •reiki and saying a •prayer. Now, ok. They just might mean slowing down, a meditation or just focusing on breathing.

Medication f.e:

– Beta blockers: quiets down the sympathetic nervous system’s effect on and to the heart, lowers the heart beat

– Diuretics: volumes up the urinary excretion, lowers blood capacity

healthy lifestyle:
+ a smoke-free life
+ a regular exercise
+ nutrition
+ low sodium intake

X Johanna