GEM MAGAZINE December; Mind movies

Mind movies is one of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s tools, especially for his clients. It’s energy. Manifesting. Focusing on a subject.

The root chakra in men is fairly common. As it is (might I note: I believe) fueled by their most influenced hormone, testosterone. Whether men recognise it or not. Usually not, for knowing this type of stuff is not common.. as anybody would though! Well now you do, don’t you.

Just yesterday the writer witnessed again a super-testosterone in action, when a person dashed onto a crossing without any(!) safety nor to himself or to the poor drivers, who barely stopped, for it’s a slipping slide outside.

As for women, commonly, the heart chakra (super-emotionality) is dominant, as well as estrogen. And like with the testosterone, women are not familiar with this. Now, ok. There’re women, who I’ve met, who are more fierce (aka a million miles away from letting the emotionality take the lead).

Crying. Being constantly upset. Yeap.

Then there’re men, who are not only lead by the root. One comes to mind ASAP. It’s kind of funny how this is supposed to be about Dispenza, but Jay Shetty is one. Lol.

Now you can focus and make your own mind movies wherever you are and what ever time it is. Take time to recognise your dominant chakras. Visualise them all in sync. The December issue was fairly medical, I apologise.

X Johanna

Living like Shailene Woodley 2.0 – How’s it going now in 2021

Living like Shailene Woodley for 14 days -post has been the most popular! Years ago I tried living like the earth nymph Shailene Woodley for two weeks. Mind you, it was back in 2016, and I remember I was just awakening to living somewhat out of the norm, so pretty much every day felt like a new adventure..

– Although some of the new Shailene-things stuck to this day! Here are the things:

1. Oil-pulling. This is not done like in the Shailene-weeks, but about once a month. I have an electric toothbrush and a bamboo one, which I use evenings and mornings plus a regular dental floss and a mouthwash. And four toothpastes, one that is by Urtekram.

2. Clay+Chaga+Spirulina drinking plus other superfoods, which you can drink: mushroom-drinks for example.

3. Bulletproof-coffee. If not an exactly bulletproof-version, then almost every cuppa is mixed with even coconut-oil (vegan). At times I have more of an upgraded version of the normal coconut-oil: MCT-oil.

4. Good morning! Good morning! Exciting day! Exciting day! This morning-mantra hasn’t been said in years, so this is a kind of a new-comer for about two months now. I can’t believe I used this in Shailene-weeks and then..didn’t. It just sets days in a different tone.

5. Being mindful of the things I consume. Carrying a Mason Jar everywhere. Reduce the use of plastic. Check check. Of course check!

6. Foraging. Yeah the pineneedle-tea is a frequent drink, much more like before. Still it tastes like a forest, but this would be the perfect time for a Shailene -quote: (drinking Chaga) “It tastes like dirt. But I like dirt.” Yeah pineneedle-tea tastes like a forest. But I like the forest, so..

7. Sauerkraut. This one definitely was a new addition to my regular nutrition, back then. But I eat this prebiotic pretty much every week.

8. Own a home now. In where my stuff is at! Having no home, one that I could call a home wasn’t relevant in 2016. I drifted (and what a glorious time that was!) from place A to place B, living mostly out of a suitcase. At +30yo and with a pandemic going on, it’s just not even possible for several reasons.

Well, this was fun! Kind of an update. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if I did this again in 5 years.

X Johanna


Book’s cover:

“It has been 10 years since the publication of The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton’s seminal book on the relationship between mind and body that changed the way we think about our lives, our health and our planet. During that time, research in this field has grown exponentially – Lipton’s ground-breaking experiments have now been endorsed by more than a decade of scientific study.

In this greatly expanded edition, Lipton, a former medical school professor and research scientist, explores his own experiments and those of other leading-edge scientists that have unravelled in ever greater detail how truly connected the mind, body and spirit are. It is now widely recognised that genes and DNA do not control our biology. Instead, they are controlled by signals outside the cell, including energetic messages emanating from our thoughts.

This profoundly hopeful synthesis of the latest and best research in cell biology and quantum physics puts the power to create a healthy, joyous life back in our own hands. When we transform our conscious and subconscious thoughts, we transform our lives, and in the process help humanity evolve to a new level of understanding and peace.

X Johanna