Gem Beauty: Gua Sha

In women’s magazines as of late, Gua Sha has celebrated praises and reformed celebrities’ faces, although it’s not a new invention: in Chinese Medicine it has been used over thousand years.


Ingredient-free skincare with face massages is a rising thing everywhere. Accompanied with a face massage a Gua Sha is a superior ally! Using Gua Sha relaxes muscles and supports facial circulation, which leads to making the skin firmer, to brighten it up and even it out.

In Chinese Medicine Gua Sha -treatment is meant to reduce heat and pull toxins out of the blood and tissues, and also bring help to cellulite problems.

Gua Sha is designed for the face and the body, and is usually made by rose quartz, green aventurine or black onyx.

It is used in activating skin’s lymph- and blood circulations gently pressing and lightly stroking across the face: forehead, cheeks and jaw.

It’s said to banish double chin and raise the microcirculation to another level and therefore improve the skin health.

Many are excited because of a Gua Sha -massage take away all kind of swelling and puffiness. The treatment can also be intensified by putting the Gua Sha in a refrigerator.

Gua Sha -face massage is always done on a clean, make-up free face. And it’s best to use face cream or oil for an optimal massage and movement of Gua Sha. Take a look at proper instructions online.


Gua Sha is fitting also for the body. It activates body fluids, relieves muscle pains, openes muscle locks and facilitates fascia tension.

Like with face, use lotion or oil for using the Gua Sha on the body. Massage muscle stiffness firmly, but not painfully. Notice that activating the muscles, they can leave bruises, which will fade away in few days.

The maintenance of Gua Sha is easy! It can be washed with soap and water and then dried.


It gets enthusiasm also amongst people giving birth, especially relating to drug free pain relief. In labor, Gua Sha is used to stroke bare skin, which has been lathered with oil.

To relieve labor pain, it’s used on a lower back stroking from up to downwards on each side of the back bone.

To start a labor or to move along already started labor, Gua Sha can be used on the neck: gently stroking from neck to shoulders.

Gua Sha -treatments can be started well before the labor, since pregnancy week 37.

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GEM Bookshelf: A Woman Makes A Plan, Maye Musk

“When I was spending my July holidays in the Kalahari Desert as a child, I didn’t imagine I would be doing high fashion in America in my 70s. #AWomanMakesAPlan Yet your life changes, and you need to make another plan. Aim for happiness ⁦@IMGmodels#ItsGreatToBe71

Quote+Pic+The featured image (c) Twitter @mayemusk

Maye was a guest on a podcast by Vishen (The Mindvalley podcast with Vishen) and he called her a force to be reckon with. I could not agree more. Just couldn’t.

As getting to know her story and read the book, you cannot help but wonder HOW on earth did she manage that? For example, I now think about situations like: ‘How would Maye do this?’

In short (well you really need to get to know the story, so far), her mother and father were Canadians, where her father bought a plane. Then they moved to South-Africa, and with five kids explored the world, so to say. As Maye and her twin sister Kaye were so little, they often didn’t participate in the travels. Maye’s father searched for lost cities.

Except for the Kalahari desert trip they all went. The family spent weeks sleeping outside with lions and hyenas coming close to the camp.

That right there is why Maye and all her children (Kimbal, Tosca and Elon) are so fearless. Because Maye’s parents were, and when you grow up in a family like that…Well… Their motto was and is: “Living dangerously–carefully.”

“We never lit a fire and ate only canned food and bread. Sleep was limited, because at night, the cattle kept trying to lick our faces or steal our blankets. Perhaps that’s why it never bothered me to share a small apartment with my children.” (About the experiences in the Kalahari Desert)

“At fifteen, I had been told I’d be done by eighteen, and at seventy-one, I’m the biggest I’ve ever been. What I’ve learned is that you can always find a way. You can always make another plan. Of course, it took time for me to learn, and I’m still learning!” (Maye about modelling)

Going back to Canada, the family had barely nothing. Tosca (15) had sold pretty much everything, while Maye was out of town. Tosca was heading to Canada because Elon was already there. Living from a pay check to a pay check, eating lots of peanut butter sandwiches and bean soups to survive (Maye herself is a dietitian/nutritionist and Kimbal of course became a chef). This ‘roughing it’ was nothing new though. Elon said he lived a dollar per day on a podcast with Neil deGrasse Tyson.

What a first Gem book of the year to kick-start 2022 with! O.m.g. Now, how would Maye spend 2022? Off to find out.

X Johanna


Did you know, that about 60 per cent of the chemicals in all the products you use absorb through the skin? Hello fragrances! Welcome parabens! Hi to you, toxins! I have always said to my friends, (always meaning: always I’ve lived in the know..years that is), and it’s like I have been on an autopilot on this, learn to know what you use. Whether it’s the food you’re eating, or the lotions, and the makeup you put on yourself, be as mindful as it gets. You really are serving yourself, and it doesn’t take that much of an effort or time. 

Kind beauty is dedicated to pure and clean products, no nastiness. We don’t use that many nasty products anymore and think that neither should you. I have read a lot on what chemicals can do to us. And they are everywhere, that is scary! Remember this you guys, ecological doesn’t mean hippie. It means that you are in the know and that you pay attention!

For me, it is all about minimazing the bad stuff to maximum in my life and really enjoy the pure and kind products, as they give a lift up and they make me super happy, because they do give a different effect on you. A kinder aura. They even smell better, because of the lack of the chemicals. 

And not to mention, ecological makeup products are not only better for you, but for the animals. You’ve heard about animal testing, right? Have you seen any photos of it, of the animals in the labs? Have you ever gotten a red eye or an irritation on the skin because of some cheap and well-advertised mascara got into your eye, or that well-known and expensive lotion wasn’t that great on you? Then just think about what the poor bunnies or rats or whatnot had to go through for your product development.

Being mindful of makeup, as well as what you put into your body, is a win win situation affecting positively on all our lives.

And also, like for so many more other things relating this, advertising a product doesn’t mean that it is everything that some celebrity on the ad is saying. It is like, have you seen these amazing TV ads for quinoa? I haven’t but quinoa is the bomb! Or, have you seen these amazing TV ads for McDonald’s? I have, and their food is as mean as it gets. Choose wisely, folks, and you’ve got to see through what is being shown to you.

So, this post was more about the realization of what is out there and maybe expanding your horizons at a makeup section that you normally go to (to perhaps an organic online store?).

You wouldn’t believe how satisfying this shift is. It’s like Emm said: “I was like a kid in a candy store sometimes.” Wait for the moment when you reach to the point, where you want to try everything that is new, and everything that is kind for you and for the planet. That’s a great place!

And, on the very last note on this eco bandwagon, your skin will glow once it gets nourished by the natural lotions and makeup.

X Johanna