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Gem Beauty: Gua Sha

In women’s magazines as of late, Gua Sha has celebrated praises and reformed celebrities’ faces, although it’s not a new invention: in Chinese Medicine it has been used over thousand years. FACE Ingredient-free skincare with face massages is a rising thing everywhere. Accompanied with a face massage a Gua Sha is a superior ally! Using … Continue reading Gem Beauty: Gua Sha

7 days

Everyone has 24 hours. It is up to you how you’ll spend it and what you’ll focus on. Here’s a week of strengthening your core, psychologically. The point is to strengthen you, so try to do as much as you can alone for a week (except on day 7). And if you’re an introvert, who … Continue reading 7 days

Gem Magazine August: Meditation

Guided meditation focuses on experiencing the present moment fully. Be more present and mindful. Most of guided meditations start, include and end with the breath. This is the hardest part (for moi). Just sitting quietly. Why would one do what is simple?-someone would ask. See, whenever thoughts arise (oh and they will!), go back to … Continue reading Gem Magazine August: Meditation

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