GEM Bookshelf: The Chemist, Stephenie Meyer

Published in 2016, The Chemist is Meyer’s novel for adult-readers along with The Host.

Stephenie Meyer is a remarkable writer who lets the words describe a world she wants the reader to see.

Now, being a very visual person myself, you kind of visualise the scenes.

Keeping that in mind that Meyer is such a good author, it got me through an audiobook of The Chemist.

The protagonist (changes her name constantly) is a former spy in the CIA, and the torture scenes (seeing it visually, mind you!) are just brutal. I don’t think there has ever come across a situation, where I have hoped for the main character to get (a beating) what they deserved. Unusually, that was new. Just again shows Meyer-writing.

Then you have to wonder, How does one write in such a way, without actually being on the run or an ex spy. For I know that Meyer is a Mom of 3 (she in fact wrote Twilight with then one being 1 years old or writing when they were asleep at night, in three months..o.m.g like what?), so she must really envision everything.

In fact, I would have to genuinely be that person and live like them to bring them in life, to honestly know what I’d be writing about. So you have that question of How.

How? The Meyer way.

X Johanna

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