Tesla Model Y☆

The newest Tesla model -test drive. Beyond excited! Booked this drive weeks ago. On a Sunday it’s still couple more days to go.

This is a rough translation of the post on TCF (Tesla Club Finland):

‘Went to test drive Tesla Model Y among others in Kuopio. In the group there’s more than more of technical knowledge, so I’m not going to even try. Most of the time since driving school (17yrs ago) I’ve driven manual Volvos, so Tesla’s automatic Plus the tablet felt kind of like you would’ve been suddenly driving a sportscar after a tractor. The first 10min the attitude was “o.m.g!”, but after that the driving started to even flow. Once I knew how the tablet worked and how the gears are shifted..how to brake etc. It was an experience so to say! As for myself, I’m aiming for owning a Model S, so then might even have the courage to say, that in comparison Model Y felt bigger, and in fact it is.’

Moving on to Actual legit information by insideevs.com:

MotorWeek gives us a very brief history of Tesla and then moves on to the Model Y. It’s impressed with the car’s range, and it says the touch screen takes a bit of time to get used to, but it handles everything just fine once you’re acquainted. The publication admits, however, that it has a hard time getting used to not having a traditional dashboard display. And, it’s clear that Tesla still needs to put more emphasis on fit and finish.

Overall, MotorWeek is thoroughly impressed with the Model Y’s performance. Its acceleration takes them by surprise, and it tackles the publication’s slalom course with ease. Check out the short video for all the details.”

After that drive I needed a drink. The power behind the wheel is tangible and the steerage is like air. Being an EV there’s barely no sound. All in all, it was a beautiful car — dark exterior meeting with light interior.

X Johanna

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