Living like Shailene Woodley 2.0 – How’s it going now in 2021

Living like Shailene Woodley for 14 days -post has been the most popular! Years ago I tried living like the earth nymph Shailene Woodley for two weeks. Mind you, it was back in 2016, and I remember I was just awakening to living somewhat out of the norm, so pretty much every day felt like a new adventure..

– Although some of the new Shailene-things stuck to this day! Here are the things:

1. Oil-pulling. This is not done like in the Shailene-weeks, but about once a month. I have an electric toothbrush and a bamboo one, which I use evenings and mornings plus a regular dental floss and a mouthwash. And four toothpastes, one that is by Urtekram.

2. Clay+Chaga+Spirulina drinking plus other superfoods, which you can drink: mushroom-drinks for example.

3. Bulletproof-coffee. If not an exactly bulletproof-version, then almost every cuppa is mixed with even coconut-oil (vegan). At times I have more of an upgraded version of the normal coconut-oil: MCT-oil.

4. Good morning! Good morning! Exciting day! Exciting day! This morning-mantra hasn’t been said in years, so this is a kind of a new-comer for about two months now. I can’t believe I used this in Shailene-weeks and then..didn’t. It just sets days in a different tone.

5. Being mindful of the things I consume. Carrying a Mason Jar everywhere. Reduce the use of plastic. Check check. Of course check!

6. Foraging. Yeah the pineneedle-tea is a frequent drink, much more like before. Still it tastes like a forest, but this would be the perfect time for a Shailene -quote: (drinking Chaga) “It tastes like dirt. But I like dirt.” Yeah pineneedle-tea tastes like a forest. But I like the forest, so..

7. Sauerkraut. This one definitely was a new addition to my regular nutrition, back then. But I eat this prebiotic pretty much every week.

8. Own a home now. In where my stuff is at! Having no home, one that I could call a home wasn’t relevant in 2016. I drifted (and what a glorious time that was!) from place A to place B, living mostly out of a suitcase. At +30yo and with a pandemic going on, it’s just not even possible for several reasons.

Well, this was fun! Kind of an update. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if I did this again in 5 years.

X Johanna

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