This burger -or any burger, is great for weekend food! Spinach gives you iron-boost and chickpeas protein..among others in here.

  • 1 Moving mountains -veggie burger
  • 1 bread-roll (gluten-free by choice)
  • ~ 3 cups of fresh spinach

    ~ 1 cup of chickpeas

    Time to make: about 15min No oven needed -A frying pan

    Roast the mountains burger and the sliced pieces of bread-rolls on moderate heat so that they won’t burn, in an oil that can be used for cooking.

    Turn all the three pieces once you feel they’re cooked on one side.

    Lastly, put in the chickpeas and some spinach. Season by your own preferance (paprika or a pinch of cayenne pepper..or both?)

    Start to set on a plate. The bottom piece and then the burger. Add somethings you want (like: ketchup, aioli, mayonnese, pickles?) and the top part comes on.

    Decorate with the spinach + the chickpeas. And voila! C’est le weekend!

    X Johanna

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